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Import & Distribution/ Marine/Cargo Insurance

Due to the many risks associated with transporting cargo this insurance is particularly important to have if you are involved in the manufacturing, buying, or selling of raw materials and finished products. If you are an SME or a multinational and are regularly involved in the importation and deportation of goods you should consider getting cover.

The transportation of cargo carries with it a number of risks, from loss of goods to damaged goods due to theft, accidents and improper handling for example. The loss or damage of valuable goods during transportation could cause huge financial damage to a company if they’re not insured.

There are many risks associated with doing business in the global marketplace, that’s why appropriate insurance is necessary to manage the risk of domestic and global transportation.

North County Brokers works closely with underwriters to provide flexible, customised global import cargo insurance and transportation coverage.

Whether you chose our broadest 'all-risk' coverage or a tailored insurance policy built to suit individual shipments, we can handle your export freight insurance needs.

Talk to us today about the best insurance options for you.