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Hotel & Leisure

North County Brokers is a leading risk management advisor and insurer to the hotel and leisure industry.

As a business owner in the hospitality industry we understand that the smooth running of your business is essential to provide customers with the service they expect. That’s why it’s vital to have an insurance cover that will help you get things back on track as quickly as possible, ensuring that your customers remain satisfied with the service you are providing.

There are unique challenges in insuring businesses in the leisure sector. We understand these challenges and have developed policies tailored to these needs.

Insuring against employers against public liability is one of those challenges and our solutions reflect the challenges associated with dealing with large volumes of public customers on your premises to safeguard your business fully.

We help our clients manage their risk and reduce costs by providing:

  • A flexible approach to designing solutions to minimise risk
  • Industry acknowledged experts
  • Specialist market knowledge

Call us now and we can advise on the best hotel & leisure insurance for you.