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Commercial Combined Insurance

What is Commercial Combined insurance?

A Commercial Combined insurance policy is a single insurance policy that can cover all of your business needs. It is specifically tailored to meet all of your unique business needs. We cover Material Damage All Risks insurance, Business Interruption, Employers liability, and Public/Product liability.

As a Commercial Combined insurance policy is tailored to your specific business requirements, you can rest assured that a variety of covers are under one and you don’t need to include any extra liability expenses, accessible and comprehensive policies. 

Commercial Combined insurance takes the work out of having to manage various insurance policies for the different aspects of your business. Having a Commercial Combined policy means you only have to take out one policy and remember one renewal date rather than several. After all running a business is hard enough, so why complicate your insurance policy?

What does Commercial Combined insurance cover?

We can tailor your business insurance to meet all of your needs. Factors that you should consider when purchasing your cover include your business size, activities, location, contents, machinery and risk appetite.

We cover the following areas:

Material Damage All Risks insurance

This cover can include Buildings, Plant & Machinery, Fixtures & Fittings, Stock, Fire Brigade Charges, Tenants Improvements.

Business Interruption

Managing your business properly means protecting against potential gross profit loss. Our approach ensures that your needs are completely covered in relation to Loss of Gross Profit, Any additional expenses incurred, and Loss of Rent.

Employers liability

Employers need to be fully aware of the potential risks for all their employees. Our team will work with you to assess the right level of cover required.

Public/Product liability

This covers your business against liability from injury/harm to members of the public or loss or damage to their property arising from your business. It also covers the product you manufacture, sell or supply. The specific level of insurance is one of the key issues to be established and our experience will ensure you have the correct cover in place.